Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shu Shin Bou, Sydney

Shu Shin Bou
Shop 1, Regent Place Shopping Centre
501 George St, Sydney, NSW, 2000

website: www.shushinbou.com 

So I'm off to The Regent Place Shopping Centre (where Maxim is)  AGAIN! This time I go there because C hasn't been there before and she's heard great things about it from her friends ^^ We go there hoping to try sample some free mochi but sadly they didn't have any free samples ==
We walked around for quite some time hoping they get the message and take out some free samples but that didn't happen ==

In the end we gave into temptaition and bought a daifuku to share....

Pretty bag that housed our pretty daifuku 

Our lonely daifuku...

Strawberry daifuku $4.50 each, $25.00 for a box of 6

After much contemplation we went for the strawberry daifuku, just to play it safe. Upon opening the paper bag the sweet aroma of strawberries wafted out, screaming at us to eat it!! We were quivering with anticipation as C cut the beauty in half, exposing us to its lovely innards!  

C is in heaven after her first bite and I quickly try and finish taking the pics so i can taste of this bit of heaven too. The mochi is sooooo soft and the "creamy scented mousse" as it's described on the leaflet is nice and cool, melting instantly in your mouth. The bit of strawberry in the centre is a nice touch although we find the layer of sponge cake and red beans/nuts?!?! detracting form the whole experience. We would have liked it more if it was just mousse and strawberry, although the innards shot is nice with allthe contrasting colours and textures. 

It's not long before we have finished but sadly the daifuku leaves us with a strangely bitter aftertaste...C thinks it might be the pink sprinkles on the outside. Sure, there were aspects of the daifuku we thought could be improved but the appearance and packaging of the daifuku is top notch with C deciding to keep the paper bag LOL 

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