Saturday, October 25, 2008

Homer Hudson - Tiramisu Marscarpone Integrity

It's 1am and I'm just starting to get really into my study when I suddenly feel the onset of a hunger pang. I try to tell myself that it's past midnight so i really should eat anything coz I'll get fatter than I alrady am. This fails terribly even after downing several glasses of water. I give in to my screaming belly and eat a banana that does nothing but increase the hunger i'm feeling. In the end I just give up and I head towards the fridge know that the heavenly looking TIRAMISU MARSCARPONE INTEGRITY (what a cool name!) would be awaiting me.

I'd spotted this beauty in woollies earlier today and I'd resolved that I wouldn't eat it straight away which is what I usually do when I buy anything sweet ==

I grin when I see the *univeral indulgence guarantee* logo and I just can't wait to try this out. I shiver in a mixture of anticipation and cold while taking this pic, noticing how the middle and bottom layer have blended wonderfully to crate a fourth, not so evident layer of wonderful sweet goodiness ^^ ^^

I slowly instert my spoon into this cup of biss and feel a bit of resistance from the top layer as it's refridgerator cold. Luckily, my spoon is able to slice though the other layers and I quickly find myself directing the spoon of yumminess towards my wide-open mouth. For an instant I've gone to tiramisu heaven. Sweet sweet chocolate, yummy yummy cream, the slight hint of coffee, in that instant, this became my new favourite supermarket dessert =]

I takes me almost half an hour to finish this off as I deliberately slow down my pace so I can savour each spoonful properly. The studying I was so into a moment before this wonderful experience? It remained in the background throughout this whole experience (^(00)^)

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Anonymous said...

yeah I always feel hunger pangs at odd hours too
you should talk to clement about this- he eats and sleeps at the WEIRDEST times!

- Lisa