Wednesday, October 22, 2008

St James Hotel, Sydeny

114 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
(opposite David Jones)
Tel: +61 (02) 9261 8277

It think this will become one of those fond memories I'll have of my uni days when I'm older. I'll be like *grin*/*cringe* I still remember I my first year of uni when I went to the pub for the first time with a friend...and this this and this happened...oh were we young and naiive back then.................


Ok so we're at the library supposedly studying really hard for our finals....But L gets distracted on her laptop and eventually i join in on the fun and somehow we end up reading food blogs and thats like totally nooooooooot my fault!! LOL

Anyways, we'd decided we'd go out and eat dinner and we were going through what we could eat but it seemed boring eating the same stuff everytime...i suddenly remembered the $10 steaks at St James Hotel after reading about a $5 steak that was waaay too far for us to get to and so we settle on $10 steak instead =] I've always wanted to try the steak here and I'm reaaallly excited about finally going.

It's just outside of the place when I mention that I havn't been to a pub to eat without my mum before and L says that she hasn't been to a pub before at all. We express our stereotypes about the old/mature office people coming to get a drink with their co-workers and by the time we actually step inside and DO SEE everyone in business attire we feel reallly out of palce.

It's real awkward sitting on those tall round table thingos and we're at a loss as what to do and how to order....anyways we assumed that we order from the bar as there's nowhere else you could order from and L is given the super difficult task of actually going to the bar and ordering our food coz I decide that I should remain behind and mindd our belongings LOL!! THANKS AGAIN L!!!

When getting up from her seat L says:
"OMG I feel like I'm underaged, I think I'll bring my ID incase they thinnk I'm underaged....."   Even typing this now I can remember how funny it was when she said that and how relieved I was that I wasn't the one who would potentially make a fool of herself....

L waits in line at the bar and she looks back at me nervously...I wave meekly and just hope it doen't go too badly...She comes back and it's altogether less daunting knowing that we're one step closer to eating yummy steak. Here's a snippet of L's exchange with the bartender...

L: so is this where you order the food?!?!
Bartender: yeah..yeah   (looks at L as if she's some underaged alien from outerspace)

We get a beeper thingy (below) to tell us when to go get our food and it says it should flash and vibrate when our food's done. But the thing is it's alrady flashing and so we're lost as to whether it's supposed to be flashing and we need to wait for it to vibrate or if our food really is ready in which case it would have been made in less than 10min!

Beeper thingy

Anyways after much difficulty we find ourselves finally in the bistro area of the pub whih was waaaaay better!! There were less people there and the people that were there, were less corporate looking and the atmosphere was overall more suited to us uni-students who are very much like highschoolers inside.

Ok, I'm gonna cut this short now coz if i was to tell you every funny thing that happened, i'd still be here when the sun rises. Oh yeah, and i better not tell you about how L jumped up in surprise when the beeper thingy finally BEEPED AND VIBRATED!

Ok and now to the food...

250gram certified Agnus Rump Steak with potato mash & gravy $10.95

Oh yeah, the only disappointment was the fact that the steak wasn't $9.95. I'd read everywhere that it was $9.95 which made it a $10 steak which is like the coolest thing ever!! But still it was waaay worth it for a $11 steak LOL As you can see from the really cool flag thingy in my steak I had mines medium =P

When we'd placed our food on the table I was like WAIT, DON'T EAT YET I GOTTA TAKE A PIC! there was this one very torturous moment where we could smell the aroma of the steak floating into our nostrils and I was still trying to take pics of the food. THIS is one of the reasons why I can't take nice pics, because the food is like screaming to be eaten ASAP and leaves no room for me to take pretty pics of it!!

L's steak (same but served rare)

The steak was GREAT! It was GREAT for a $11 steak and even better than some of the expensive steaks you can get. It was really tender and the mash was great too although it was a bit on the cold side...We'd read online that the serving wasn't that big so we also got...

Spicy Chicken wings w/ Asian style dipping sauce $13.95


Close up of chicken

Ok I know it looks kinda burnt here but trust me when i say IT WASN'T BURNT, rather it was like a crisp dark brown colour and VERY VERY YUM!!

I'd promised my mum like last year that we'd go there some day but I've yet to fulfill that promise...after getting home and telling her about it she was starting to get jealous! LOL I'm POSITIVE there will be more than one next times here and next time, I'll go with my mum and try som of their other food too =P

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHHA! I jumped up so high when that thing buzzed!
That place ruled! the food was so good. I had fun chatting to you too :) We have to do it again!

- Lisa