Monday, October 20, 2008

Beverly Chinese Seafood Restaurant

461 King Georges Rd
Beverly Hills NSW 2209
Tel: (02) 9580 0918

So I'm given the choice of either Beverly Hills or Eastwood and being such a great student, i decided on Beverly Hills, thinking that I'd get home and dstill have some time left to study.

We go to Beverly Chinese Seafood Restaurant since we havn't been there and we've almost tried out all the other places on that food strip.

Steamed abalone with scallions & ginger

These were just right, not over or under-cooked which made them really easy to eat.

Abalone take two

Steamed chicken with lotus leaves

This was very disappointing. The chicken was bland and you couldn't taste the flavour th lotus leaves should bring to the dish. We didn't even finish half of this and debated long and hard over whether we should take the rest home.

Take two

Chinese veggies & mushrooms

The veggies were quite nice except that the whole thing was too oily.

Steamed baramundi with scallions and ginger

HOORAY FOR STEAMED FISH! One of my favourites when eating at chinese restaurants. There's nothing to complain about here, the fish is fresh and it's cooked perfectly with the flesh still slightly clinging to the bones.

Bitter melon and sago pudding

This was the highlight of the whole meal. It was really refreshing after such a heavy meal, it wasn't too sweet but it wasn't bitter either.

I was really tempted to make my mum order me another bowl but in the end i was able to control myself when i thought about my daily calorie intake levels (HIGHLY SHOCKING!)

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