Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good Food Month Sugar Hit @ Radisson, Sydney

72 Liverpool St
Tel: 8268 8888

We sit and chatter, waiting nervously for our sugar hits to come...we all have mixed expectations as to what to expect. Due to a gross misunderstanding some of us thought we were in for a dessert buffet and were severely disappointed when the waitress brought out our sugar hits (below). Nevertheless cameras and phones were whisked out, and a mad session of photo snapping began, even if it only was only a very brief session.

Surprice & Delight - Trio of Gajjar Halva with Yogurt and Cream sauce, "King of Pudding" Watalappan with Palm sugar and Mixed Berry Romanoff with Rose double cream

Most of us started with the Trio of Gajjar Halva with Yogurt and Cream sauce (orange blob). We were clueless as to what exactly it was until we were brought a sheet  detailing what exactly we were eating. The orange blob turned out to be carrot although it was not until we'd eaten several spoonfuls before we could actually taste the carroty-ness. This was nice for the first few bites but gradually became too much as the carroty-ness began to settle in.

The "king of pudding* was a served on what one of us called "our soup spoons at home" LOL and was horrifically sweet. I struggled to finish this off as it made me feel like i was eating a block of palm sugar in jelly form.

I saved the Mixed Berry Romanoff til last, being informed that this was the nicest of the lot. This was the highlight of the Sugar Hit being not as overly sweet as the other two and the combination of flavours was good. 

Brown Brothers Dessert Wine

Sugar Hits are $20 and comes with a glass of Brown Brothers Dessert Wine. We only ordered two glasses with the rest getting non alcoholic substitues. I gingerly sniffed at the wine finding the smell quite pleasant before cautiously taking a sip. It was quite nice compared to the yucky bitter red wines I've tasted, not that I've tasted alot and in the end I find myself having swapped my LL&B for what's left of the wine. With my childish tastes and preferences, it takes me aaaages to finally finish it off =]

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