Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kit Kat

I've realised both me and K haven't been updating this =='' so I'll just post something random.. KIT KAT!! =D

The first time I ate some special flavoured kitkat was when I went hk last time, my sis's friend went to hokkaido and bought 'melon' kitkat back and I tried one... and I loved it LOL but then she only bought back a few =='' so I only ate one or two.. and since they don't sell it in hk.. I was pretty disappointed.. and back to sydney... one day shopping around city... new lolly shop and I FOUND IT =D so I bought it, along with strawberry flav.


the strawberry was nice too =

and sometime ago I saw this at miracle@mq, so then I bought it to try.. honestly.. I don't like the chestnut taste with chocolate =0= tasted weird...

I also bought apple one.. haha not enough apple taste.. hmm.. its ok... better than the chestnut one.. ==''

this berry one is nice ^^ like the strawberry one but then... this is nicer ahaha and the box is nicer too LOL! sparkly *v*

but still, I like the melon one the most .. AHHA so one day I went to restock
but not long after that they don't sell it anymore T_T" so I can't eat it again anymore =(


Lillian said...

OH GAWD, so many different kitkat flavours O_O!! Where did you say you bought the last few from ? "mq" ? o.O

G said...

LOL I bought the chestnut one at miracle inside maquarie centre, =) the apple and berry from miracle inside world square, and the melon and strawberry was from some candy shop inside dixon building. =D