Friday, October 10, 2008

Passion Flower Cafe, Capitol Square

Shop G12, Capitol Square
730-742 George Street

Okay, so G is finally bothered to make an entry here.. ^^ haven't really been eating anything special anywhere.. been very productive with uni work haha.. so I decided to make a post on places I go to a lot instead, haha

whenever it comes to dessert time after lunch or dinner, or just suddenly feel like eating dessert, it's almost always icecream LOL! and passionflower is a nice place for that =) at a very convenient location too ^^ capitol~ just right below all the toy clipping and sticker photo machines muhahhahaha~~~

one of the ones I always eat whenever I go passion flower... scoops of sticky rice and black sesame and red bean along with glutton balls rolled in I don't really know what they're called but its definitely yummy =D LOL haha

Double Happiness (Another one I eat alot)

scoops of red bean and green tea icecream with red bean topping ^^

I don't remember the name to this but its very similar to superstar, except all the icecreams are black sesame. =]

I never tried this one before... looks like green tea and lychee with some fruits.. =) shouldn't be bad ^^

I didn't try this one either... looks nice ^^ Another green tea + lychee.. or is that vanilla? and sweet sweet syrup LOL.

Strawberry crepes.

scoop of passion fruit icecream and strawberry icecream with strawberries wrapped inside the crepes

untitled. because this was just random 2 scoops of icecream picked out from the list =) cookies and cream x green tea...


4 pieces of pancakes with chocolate sauce topping and a scoop of vanilla icecream. I must say... this was too sweet for me.. haha but for chocolate lovers, this should be a very nice dessert =]

passion flower also offers drinks and cakes.. but I never tried the cakes there... hmm.. icecreams always better LOL

this was some juice I ordered the other day... honeydew x melon .. tasted not bad ^^ even though the combination was abit weird =)

G has made her first offical post by herself today! =D
not much descriptions about how the food was.. more of just what they are... took me a while to recall all of them.. hahaha but I enjoyed making this post.. LOL

I should visit passionflower again someday to try out their chocolate fondue. ^^ looks pretty yum =D

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thewayitcrumbles said...

Mmmm yumm...admittedly, my Passionflower choices lean towards chocolate...white chocolate...and vanilla (Yeah, I'm boring)...but a recent favourite has been the "Lasting Love" sundae ^_^
I've just been told that apparently Passionflower @ George St has a lunch menu. Must check it out sometime.