Friday, October 3, 2008

Ju Ju, Kings Cross

Kingsgate Shopping Centre
Shop 320, Bayswater Rd
Kings Cross NSW 2011
Phone (02) 9357 7100

The first thing everyone notices upon entering the place is THE PITS or whatever you call them =] We waddle to our pit with shoes in a plastic bag dangling in one hand and free japanese local magazines/papers in the other. The service isnt the greatest and for some reason there's a gaijin (foreigner) amonst the staff! We browse through the mags looking for more places we can eat at whilst waiting for a menu.

The second thing you notice are the hand drawn pics on the walls =]

We then start noticing what's on the menu and here begins to painful process of deciding what to eat...

Spider Roll (8 pcs)

C opts for the spider rolls which has soft shell crab & avocado.

Chicken teriyaki set

N gets the chicken teriyaki set with green tea soba as the side dish. This is MASSIVE as it also comes with miso soup and a bowl of rice enough for a GIANT!!

random plant~


veggie & tofu teppanyaki

This is my dish. It's sizzling hot and there were several times where i almost burned the roof of my mouth. All that vege is surprisingly filling and i end up have left over bits and pieces.

Unagi ($9.00)

We share the unagi which is listed as being on special, usually costing $17. The sauce is sweet and sticky, crying for some rice to accompany it.


Overall we were very satisfied with our meal with all of us struggling to carry our bulging stomachs out of the pits. We heave and groan trying to climb up the stairs that lead out of the restaurant all the while thinking about what to eat for dessert =P


Lisa Yu said...

this blog is making me SO HUNGRY!
and it is the best idea ever. your blog is going straight into my bookmarks :P

anyway how do you manage to find such cheap places to eat? i spent maybe double on the same stuff which probably doesn't even taste half as good! :(!

Anonymous said...

Looks Good... Not sure how you find cheapies... maybe Amit will know....