Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palace Chinese Restaurant (K.G's FIRST POST!!)

So it's the mid-sem breaks for us uni students, what better thing to do that catch up with a bunch of high school friends? We decided to rock up to the Palace Chinese Restaurant at Picadilly Tower because some have been there and highly recommend it, others havn't and would dearly love to try and then there's those that were just cool with anything =]

We start off this massive feast with typical chinese tea =]

Scallop dumplings

The scallop dumplings are just too good. Two of the dumplings had already been mysteriously magicked into people's throat before we could take a picc of it!

Duck Dumplings

These were highly recommened by the trolley lady and for good reason! The strips of duck were moist and tendy and were complimented perfectly with the veggies inside. We ended up ordering a second serving even after we'd stuffed ourselves with all the food pictured below.

What we'd ordered within 10minutes of getting started

Cherng fun

The cherng fun was also a big hit. On its own they were too bland but they were perfect after being dipped in the sauce it came with.

Spring Rolls

Pan fried dumplings

Chicken feet

These were a hit with the more old fashioned yum cha lovers in the group, in particularlly K but not too apetising for the more westernised and/or conservative yum cha-ers. There were also some among us who just felt that just the thought of putting chicken feet into their mouths was plain gross!!

Pai gwut

This is a steamed pork dish thats usually pretty fatty. The ones here were a bit too fatty for our liking, leaving a layer of oil in our mouths after consumption.

Prawn dumplings (har gau)

Siu mai

You can't say your having yum cha if you don't orer har gau & sui mai! These are a bit smaller in size than the ones you might get somewhere in central. They were anything special either but still they were quickly gobbled up by the hungrier ones of the group.


gow choi gau

Not everyone takes a liking to these. Gow choi with its strong, pungent taste leaves one with a seriously stinky breath!

Radish cakes

BBQ pork buns

mango sago dessert

This is an old favourite with everyone although by this stage we'd stuffed ourselves with too much savoury foods so it's one bowl between two.

Creme brule

Mango pudding

This was more of a mousse rather than pudding, getting some complaints from G who preferred her mango pudding in a more traditional style.

The damage? Almost $130 but everyone left with a satisfied smile, the type you can only get after a large pleasing meal with a bunch of friends!


annnie said...

oh what a lovely post
sound more normal
sound too critical ... making it MEH MEH
cmon some emotion! HAHA

cyn said...

LOL funny post, very enjoyable to read =D

K said...

@ Annie: LOL thanks for the criticism ^^ but yeah that was my "up yourself" post WAHHAHA there's gna be loads more of those coz im so up myself =P

@ Cyn: woohooo!