Friday, October 3, 2008

random junk~

After dinner @ Ju Ju we trained it back to townhall for some dessert. We went to Maxim and i got a frozen daifuku

The outer layer of mochi was real nice and chewy =]

The centre was pilled with a SUPEr SWEET azuki bean paste that started to become too much to handle near the middle.

I also got kiwi flavoured gum. After opening the plastic packaging a WONDERFULLY SWEET FRANGRANCE WAFTED OUT leading me to shove a peice of gum in my mouth as quick as a i could. It was really nice apart from the fact that the gum became flavourless real quick.

The others had yoghurt for dessert. I would have tried it too if i wasn't on my lame detox thing the forbids dairy products!!!

LHS: green tea yoghurt, RHS: poor droopy original yoghurt

This seemed reaaaaal delish with both girls scooping at the edges of the bowl minutes after finishing coz they wanted more!

wooden sppons used to eat yoghurt with. The black piece of thing under the spoons were actually napkins!

We'd stuffed ourselves to the max tonight! I still feel terribly full and i'm not exaggerating when i say I CAN FEEL MY TUMMY EXPANDING AND FILLING WITH FAT!

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