Saturday, October 25, 2008

Angelos Portugala, Kensington

It's raining cats and dogs and the wind is so strong that the anorexic, the small and the short are being blown away by the wind. Two determined chubby girls set out towards sushi tengoku for lunch, struggling to keep to the footpath whilst cursing and the bloody weather. They reach sushi tengoku only to find that heaven (tengoku = heaven) is closed for them. What did they do? We're the pearly gates barred because they'd dissed the place before? Was it because they didn't belive that a sushi heaven actually existed?!?! Disappointed and cold they think frantically of what other food heavens there might be that would accomodate them. 

The two chubby girls then set out towards a mexican ribs shop only to find that closed too! NWOOOOOOO!! Thankfully they'd seen a new place on their way to sushi tengoku and they were pretty sure that the new place was open.

They walk in, immediately feeling out of place with the well groomed and charming waiters, the we're-talking-about-serious-stuff-businessmen and the table of we-feel-at-home-in-high-class-restaurants-oldies. 

We were quickly shown a table, menus whisked out and the waiter retreats silently to a distance far enough for us to chatter away without being heard but close enough to reach us qyuickly when we were ready to order. We struggle to make sense of the food names but are relieved when we see the english translations underneath LOL

It's not long before we are presented with complementary bread that tastes better and better with every bite you take.

I order the fish of the day with a side serving of salad. The fish of the day is snapper, instantly bring up my fond memories of mummy's grilled snapper ^^ It initially seemed like a small proportion, being placed on a large palte with minimal garnishes but I find myself unable to finish it off and eventually just give up. This is great at first although a bit salty for me but problems start to arise when i reach the middle of the fish fillets, having to spit out fish bones with every bite I took.

Fish of the day (snapper) $24.00


Slow roasted lamb with boiled potatoes $24.00

This was relly tender and moist, much better than my fish in my opionion. The potatoes are saturated with the taste of the lamb and the herbs leaving one craving for more. This reminds me of the slowly cooked gravy beef you often get when eating taiwanese/shanghai food minus the strong taste of soy sauce.

At some point the two chubby girls reflect on how different this meal was from their perceived notions of portugese food. They thought it would have been yellowy and baked, like the portugese baked chicken & rice they're used to having at HK cafes LOL. They leave full and satisfied, ready for the long, windy trek back to uni.

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