Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Cupcake Factory

I wake up on thursday morning bleary eyed and highly disorientated from doing who knows what on wednesday night. I sit down at the dining table and notice a plastic bag of stuff. I know it's food even before I reach out to grab it. I get hold of a boxy thing and immediately think of chocolate and struggle to tear away the plastic bag to reveal the goodies inside. It takes me a while to understand I'm seeing cupcakes as I was really expecting chocolates, plus there was only half a box left and they'd been poorly handled and they're all sitting on their sides with several of the decorations fallen off.

I feel sorry for them so I try to sit them back up and redress them properly although it was really a very poor attempt. There's still several flowers missing and the one flower that is still intact isn't complete;y whole either. But if you don't look too hard they're still quite nice =]

I immediately think of L as we had been looking at cupcake pics the day before and resolve to take them with me to uni. It was very difficult taking them to uni seeing as there was only half a box left but I somehow manage =] 

When the moment of truth comes I'm both nervous and excited. I was prepared for a really really sweet, overly sweet, scarily sweet experience and that's what I got. Strangely the sugar overdose was qute enjoyable and I end up eating three whole cupcakes by myself, something I'd never expected I could do. Ok, this may sound really weird but I felt like a real westernised person at that point as I'd usually never eat cupcakes, being so sweet and all. LOL

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