Wednesday, October 15, 2008

apple icecream + cookies

This is the birthday cake for last night.. bought from breadtop, Strawberry cheesecake... I didn't eat it.. because we were too full from the dinner HAHAHA but then we decided that it was birthday so we needed a cake.. hahaaha since I didn't eat I can't really comment..

but that's not the point of this entry.. ahhaha its APPLE ICECREAM! =) LOL from miracle @ world square.. I heard that they opened another miracle under KFC near greater union on george street and it's bigger than the one in world square =O

Very nice looking..


it had a very VERY strong taste of apple, it almost tasted like I was eating a very cold apple but in icecream texture.. LOL! I also bought a tofu flavour.. hopefully it tastes nice we well ^^

and I bought this cookie... and its nice =O

stacked all nicely in the pack =O

bwahhahahah very crunchy` =)

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K said...

dude whoever you heard it from has GROSSLY INCORRECT FACTS! the place downstairs next to greater union and kfc is maxim........and it's like THE BEST PLACE EVER...well at the moment it is....