Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ok before i start ranting about how great the wedges at the quad food court are I'd llike to show you all this............
Frankly it doesn't look that appealing to me, especially since it's like half eaten leftovers LOL But L thinks this looks great and so regardless of what I think, I take a pic of it =]

Here's a pic of the autumn coloured mush but without the shadow of C's hand hovering over it. I guess it must be alright as L manages to finish off all this mush, all the while say how good it is. My memory fails me as to what exactly was in this mush. I'm sure there was something along the lines of butter chicken though......

Okay, now back onto my heavenly wedges!! They are hands down, THE BEST WEDGES! Nevertheless this is only the third time I've had them as I'm NEVER at the quad for lunch and wedges are oh-so-fatty LOL (the autumn coloured mush was from Mathews food court btw)
Quad Food Court paper bag with autumn coloured mush in the background.

Are you one of those people that go for the smaller wedges because the bigger ones arn't crunchy and find that the inside of these bigger wedges is just a wedge of coarse textured bland-ish sort of thing?

Well that's me....But with these wedges there's no such thing as bigger, yuckier wedges....THESE ONES ARE THE BEST! Each potato wedge is fried to a perfect golden brown crispy morsel of HEAVEN! The potato innards are not coarse at all, rather they are like fluffy smooth clouds of potato that were made to be eaten by me especially. 

Wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce (A big thanks to C, my unwilling hand model LOL)

Wedges are never complete if they're without sour cream and sweet chilli sauce! Wedges + sour cream + sweet chilli sauce = INFALLIBLE COMBINATION!

I must admit that the sour cream here isn't the best but with such great wedges accompanying it, you can't complain. All the UNSW'ers must agree that they are THE BEST WEDGES EVER!!! And for all you other uni'ers, if you ever go to UNSW please do try the wedges at the Quad food court =]

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