Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ajisen Ramen

94 Hay St
Haymarket NSW 2000

Phone (02) 9211 8380

Just on a side note: yes!!! today two-kg food blog turns 1wk old =] Unfortunately i haven't eaten anything extraordinary these few days and my trusty blogging tool - SE cybershot phone - for taking pics doesn't seem to be that trusty anymore. This isn't the first time photo's have gone missing but this time the loss is painfully evident as my precious pics were supposed to be uploaded onto this precious foodblog!!! Okay, so here's one i prepared earlier =]

I suppose by now Ajisen Ramen is nothing new. Most people would have been here maybe once, twice and possibly even countless times. Nevertheless the ramen at Aijisen is quite special as it's not the squiggly type we often see around Sydney. The noodles here are straight and spaghetti like, a specialty in Kyuushu.

karaage Ramen

That day i wasn't really in the mood to watch my weight so i went for the karaage ramen. The noodles were pretty good as usual although super duper fatty. The karaage wasn't as crunchy as i'd like it to be but nor was it soggy.

Kid's set

The kids got the kid's set which included a miniature bowl of ramen, rice ball, karaage and OJ.

Chashu Ramen

Mum played it safe and just went for the chashu ramen. The slices of pork were oh-so-fatty but they were also oh-so-heavenly when the fat melted in your mouth, enrichening the flavour of the actual pork flesh.

Vegetable Ramen

Yes, there was one among us who was actually health conscious! The went for the vegetable ramen but still found it too fatty. In what seemed a very dramatic step to me, she asked for a glass of hot water to add into her soup.

The health conscious among us were shaking heads with every mouthful but the rest us appreciated the rich flavour the fattiness brought to our food =]

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