Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taiwanese Mooncake

Ok, so the moon festival has been over for i dunno how long, but i reckon THIS is the time to eat mooncakes coz they're sold CHEAP!

I was first introduced to this wonderful creation in a psych lecture which is usually at 12pm, JUST THE RIGHT TIME TO EAT! It doesn't look like much but it's OH-SO-GOOD!

I saw them at Miracle Supermarket @ World Square on Sunday and i couldn't resist buying 1....2....ok, make that FOUR!

Taiwanese Mooncake

To tell the truth I'm not sure if this is really a mooncake but I was told it's a mooncake and it does have salty eggs in it so I'm assuming this is a mooncake!

It's flaky exterior is bland at first but once you take bigger and bigger bits, it adds texture and softens the tastes of the innards, A WONDERFUL COMBINATION!

Unfortunately you can't see the salty eggs specks in this pic but i assure you there are loads of salty egg specks in this beauty. In my opinion this is a way better alternative to the tradtional mooncakes coz the filling is maded of mung bean which isn't as horrifyingly sweet as lotus paste and the salty egg isn't whole so it doesn't overwhelm your tastebuds. This is suited to the more health conscious and for those who dislike the heaviness of traditional mooncakes. It is also great for those who - like me - are greedy and would like to eat a whole mooncake by themselves without feeling their stomach scream for help afterwards.

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thewayitcrumbles said...

I can't say I've ever been a huge fan of mooncake, but your description almost makes it tempting...hehe maybe next year =)
Great new blog, hope to hear more of your take on Sydney food soon.