Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yip Ching Cafe

Dixon Street (Chinatown)
413 Sussex Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
9281 1591

Almost every Cantonese speaking Sydney-sider has been to this little gem (better known to us as 甜甜- Tim Tim). Be if as a quick and cheap meal, a break from eating Japanese food or because you suddenly reaaallly feel like Hong Kong style food, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO.

We went there after a tiring day of uni and went for the set meal of the day. This was $9.80 which included soup of the day, dish of the day and coffee or tea. Today it was Portuguese chicken with rice, sadly my supposedly trust cybershot phone failed me so i have no pic of the main dish.

Soup of the day

This was horrific with bits of fat floating around aimlessly. We did not attempt this knowing the soup here is usually nothing great anyway.

We expected the baked version of the Portuguese rice and was a bit disappointed when it was the cheaper, non-baked version. Yet we sort of knew it was too good to be true to get the baked version on the set menu and when we read the menu properly it didn't say it would be the baked verison. This was still very good, especially since my tummy had been empty for aages.

lemon tea & milk tea

Hong Kong Style cafes are famous for these and I must say this place used to make one of the best lemon teas in Sydney. I say used to as the number of lemon slices and thickness of the lemon slices has dwindled over the years and the concoction getting weaker and weaker. I was once also a fan of their milk tea but now I just find the taste of the milk powder too strong. I appologise for the crap photography but one of the middle-aged waitresses had just brough our main dish (the blurry white thing on the LHS) so i was in a hurry to start eating.

Even though I've got much to complain about I still think Tim Tim is one of the best HK style cafes in Sydney. I've been going there for years and I don;t think I'll stop unless something really horrific happens.

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Lisa said...

that green soup does look rather toxic!