Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Miss Chu, Darlinghurst

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been volunteering at the Mental Health Association (MHA). Well last week when I was there, Bec and I found this really cool place for lunch called Miss Chu. It's this little hole in the wall with a few stools on the side of the street and at first I thought it was a cafe. I still kind of think it's a cafe because it's got the buzzing atmosphere of a cafe and they do sell coffee hehehe

the awesome menu with a picture of miss chu's visa on the back

It was really busy when we got there but most people seemed to be getting take away so by the time our food came out the crowd had dispersed and there were chairs a plenty ^^ There's a bunch of Asian bananas hanging from the sheltery thing. It was quite amusing trying to discern whether they were really bananas or just some random yellow decoration thing...i changed my mind may times as to what it was before we crossed the road and reached Miss Chu's and confirmed they were, in fact bananas =]

I got the warm seared Tasmanian salmon and vermicelli salad (above + below). I was a bit disappointed at the lack of greens but found out pretty soon that it was all buried at the bottom. The salmon was cooked just right and slightly pink in the middle. It was a tad bit on the salty side though, mainly because the sauce wasn't mixed properly throughout the vermicelli so I had bits that were completely covered in sauce and some bits that were pure white.

Organic Chai Lattes $3.50

Bec got her Chai Latte first and the first thing she said was "THERE'S GINGER IN IT...It's nice but THERE'S SO MUCH GINGER IN IT..." I DID taste the ginger and I did agree it was nice but there wasn't THAT much ginger was there? We found out in the end that her's had actually had GINGER PIECES whilst mines only had the ginger flavour...I think they made them together but Bec got all the ginger chucks and mines didn't get any. But yes, it was a great Chai Latte - my favourite at the moment (because of the ginger - genius way of linking it back to the Asian food!) and because it's organic and because I think they used soy milk in it.

failed attempt to take a picture of the ginger in Bec's Chai Latte

Steamed Dumplings (Asian Vegetables with garlic chives) $4.50

There were two types of dumplings and Bec tells me one tastes better than the other (I foret which is which) but overall we both loved our meals and our chai lattes =] They also had these interesting looking desert things though we didn't have enough stomach space for it. We aim to try it this Thurs! ehhehe Did I mention that Miss Chu also claims to be the "queen of rice paper rolls"? I think we better check out that claim next time too LOL

Miss Chu
Shop 1/50 Bourke St
Ph: 8356 9988
Website: http://www.misschu.com.au

Open Mon - Fri 11am - 9pm


Leesa said...

HMPH! you made 2 posts! fine :P
miss chu sounds like quite a cool place. it looks pretty quirky. i have to try that chai! wish we had a place like that on campus...

dani said...

oh wow this is the place u were talkin about...omg i have to tell my friend coz her last name is chu hahahhaa

K said...

@ Leesa: yes i did LOL come have lunch with me on thurs and we can get chai together! LOL

@ dani: LOL maybe your friend secretly opened that place =P