Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sofitel Wentworth, Viva Sydney Deal

Hey guys!
So a while back I stayed at the Sofitel Wentworth and it was stay one night get one night free with the viva sydney deal. It was a great way to take a break without the stresses of leaving home plus I wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford staying at a five star hotel so it was a great, short trip =]

mini bar in the room - it was sooo pricey!

We had dinner at the restaurant in Sofitel - Garden Court - which was also buy one meal and get the second one free but it wasn't that great. The service was quite bad and I didn't even bother taking pictures of our meals! We did get complimentary breakfast during our stay as well but it was the same bunch of people serving us form the dinner so we didn't enjoy it as much as we might have.

The high tea at the Sofitel was another story though, excellent service and the staff were really helpful - we waiter went and asked the chef whether he could accommodate another high tea stand even though we didn't have a reservation. Hawflake girl even popped by which was really nice coz it was sooo hot that day!

high tea stand for one

I've pretty much forgotten what was on the stand but all the food was quite nice. I had even more fun sharing the food or at least, trying to persuade people to eat it with me hehehe To be honest I think it was the company which made the food so good =]

Our stay also coincided witht he first night of the Sydney festival which was practically happening right outside the hotel!

acrobatic lady on a colour changing hot air balloon - the balloon was actually being pulled by people on the ground!

Staying at the Sofitel was really a great thing to do, even though I'm still on holidays from uni I've been even more busy that during the uni semester with work, summer school and catching up with friends - I have actually been quite stressed at times. I'm currently volunteering at the Mental Health Association, promoting the Stress Less Campaign which is all about sharing tips about how to stress less and to increase community awareness of the negative consequences of stress. The campaign is tied with a monthly facebook competition for the best stress less tip entry as well as a stress less tip of the month. For January it's "Sign up for that course, join that club" which I think is not only a great way to relive stress but to also learn something new. My friend Korkong girl has actually taken up this advice and she's going to a cooking class at the fish markets tomorrow! I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR PAELLA!!

If you've got a great way to relive stress and would like to share it with the rest of us I encourage you to enter the facebook competition. Up for grabs this month are vouchers for the Sydney Community College and double passes for Life is an Adventure!


dani said...

omg the high tea has changed drastically!!! it used to be soooo modern! im goin to go look for the high tea fotos at sofitel from wen i went 2yrs ago n show u

Anonymous said...

Teilweise ziemlich verwirrend!

K said...

@ dani: yeah i think it was much better before from what i gather from the pics i've seen on other blogs but i was still happy =]

@ Anonymous: sorry! I don't understand the language you're typing in!

Leesa said...

i think that's german- google translate says: "partial pretty confusing!"

dani said...

i think the german is my she went to sofitel for high tea with me haha

K said...

LOL! thanks for the info and sorry it was confusing ><