Monday, September 7, 2009

Hello Happy, Strathfield

There's a new Korean cake shop in strathfield called 'Hello Happy' and boy was I happy when it finally opened! It's got a large range of western cakes - both in slices and as whole cakes as well as an array of asian breads (which I've yet to try).

There's also a seating area so you can sit down and enjoy your cake/bread with a cup of tea/coffee. I like their wall, very cute!

Fruit tart

The fruit tart was so pretty! Great variety of fresh fruits and the portions were generous too! Though I thought the custard could have been a bit better.

Chocco Chocco (I think?)

Haha this one had a funny name. I wanted it because it had half a macaroon stuck to it but the macaroon was a MAJOR dissapointment! It was the first thing I ate off that cake and it was dry and hard which made me worry that the rest of the cake wasn't that great either. But I mean they even decorated it with gold leaf!! It can't be THAT bad right? Yep the rst of that cake was good! It reminded me of the Christine and the 100% pure pleasure but this one was definitely cheaper and it had a very cute name (the name describes the cake really well - it was chocco! LOL).

Black Forest

I'm not much of a black forest person. I find that they are almost always dry and the cream artifical. I sneaked a little taste and it seemed to confirm my expectations although my mum seemed to enjoy it (she's a black forest person).

Overall the cakes are pretty decent, ranging from $4.50 - $6 or so a slice. I would recommend that you ask a friend who can speak Korean to go with you though. I'm not Korean, I don't even look Korean! I talked to them in English yet they responded to me in Korean which really put me off. In the end we made it clear that we weren't Korean which received looks of shock and an apology on our way out LOL

Hello Happy
(couldn't find a business card for further details)
It's located next to NAB near Strathfield Station
For 'Cake Order' call: 9715 6259


Forager said...

Cute name! Reminds me of most of the other Korean style engrish on those Morning Glory stationery products! Shame about the bad macaron though

YaYa said...

haha, that choco choco cake looks like a cut down version of the Adriano Zumbo masterchef cake!

Simon Food Favourites said...

sure looks like a happy place for cake eating.

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

what an awesome selection of cakes! They should call it goodbye happy though. because once you're leaving you'll really happy after eating all that cake!

Anonymous said...

they had one in macquarie centre ages ago =DD

K said...

@ Forager: yeah the name is so Engrish! It really is quite funny ^^

@ YaYa: LOL well it's a super cut down version then! it's no where near as decadent as the masterchef cake!

@ Simon: yep! Helllloooooo Happpppppy!

@ Maria: or maybe Hello again Happy coz people would be going back again and again =P

@ G: really? did it close down or something?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA sry they HAVE one in mq. not had =0='"""" how embarrassing --"

The Sophisticated Aesthete said...

my cousin Dani told me about your blog, and I had a look - very impressive! I like how you convey your passion for food in your posts.
Though I do have to say that, being German, I do know a bit about Black Forest Cakes, which are my absolute favourites - and that slice on the picture doesn't look like a very good Black Forest to me. Well, not one that I would eat anyway. And your opinion on Black Forest Cakes also sounds like you've only ever tried those. I really wish I could send you a slice to convert you. ;)

I have a food blog myself, check it out:

K said...

@ The Sophisticated Aesthetic: Hi Dani's cousin! LOL i would LOVE to try the black forest cakes you're talking about!! I'm gonna get me some cake later today... =] thanks for visiting!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

How cute is that name! LOL You couldn't help but be happy when seeing it :) I love the perfect drips on that chocolate cake in the window! :o

K said...

@ Lorraine: yeah they're like perfectly done!

Leona @ Pigged Out said...

im trying not to think about / eat cakes and now you've made mee wanttt cakeeeeee lol.

I loveee asian cakes. I havent been to this side of stratties in a while mainly cos i get picked up from the other side of the station.

Cakes look super cuteeee! the cakes in the window remind me of 85°c with the cute designs. Love it

K said...

@ Leona: yeah that cake shop is like the best thing that's happened in stratty since gelatissimo and the hype of gelatissimo has been over for aaages!

amy said...

OK i'm definitely scheduling in a trip to strathfield. Ohhhhhh emmmmm geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

K said...

@ amy: hehe yeah the place and cakes are soo pretty! =]