Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Smokehouse, Surry Hills

Okay, I'm quite tired and I've still got an assignment to complete by Monday so I'm gonna try and make this a short post...

So it was red_anz_flame's birthday. We took what seemed like a full hour's trek from Central to the Smokehouse ON AN EMPTY STOMACH! It felt like quite a long walk and by the time we got there I was hungry and tired but that didn't stop us from ooh-ing and aah-ing about the surroundings. We had high expectations after seeing what the palce looked like!

One of our party actauly had a DSLR camera so he was incharge of taking the food pics for me that night! Hehehe thanks again for the pics tofuboy!! I'm not sure what happened to the pics of the tasting plate for two but take my word for it when I say it was good. It included, but was not limited to (I may have forgotten some items) the following: smoked salmon, smoked cod fritters smoked eel on lime, salmon/trout smoked in nori, and some sort of wonton).

Here are the mains:

Sorry, I've forgotten what this was was on the specials menu as one of the non-smoked alternatives. It was something along the lines of rib eye steak with foie gras sauce and potatoes. I managed a taste of this and the sauce was really good! The steak was cooked perfectly too though the potatoes were quite average.

Smoked crispy skin NZ salmon belly with caramelised escahlots and creamed sweet potato $24

Atlantic salmon cutlet lightly smoked, on green pea and chorizo mash $24

I sneaked a taste of this too *grins* and this was also very nice. WHen it says 'lightly smoked' it means just that. You could taste the smokey flavour but it wasn't overpowering and the flesh soft and yielding. We were really amuzed by the lemon wrapped in cloth - a very considerate gesture.

Smoked salmon, cod and leek pie $24

This was mines!!!! There were oohs and aaahs when we saw it arriving at other tables and there was much speculation of whether that was the pie I ordered or not. I was very happy when this lovely bowl of puff arrived infront of me which was followed by a very strong urge to poke it. It was like music to my ears when my fork plunged through layer after layer of light aromatic pastry. Enclosed were soft, warm, wonderfully-smelling chunks of fish *droools* The whole thing was really creamy and someone even mentioned that it 'smelled of lactose' (sorry lactoe-intolerant girl!) I really really really enjoyed this pie and would definitely order it again!

Soft shell crab with green papaya salad (can be served as an entree or main)

Overall this was one of the best nights out for me recently. Good food + good company + Bliss. Of course the birthday boy had a great night and loved our present which was a plus! Oh yeah, remember to check our their toilets when you're there - you'll be in for a treat! ;]

The Smokehouse
204 Devonshire St
Surry Hills, 2010
Ph (02) 9699 1155


Anonymous said...

Ooh that pie looks so puffy mmm and I can imagine the delicious cracking of the pastry hee hee

Lisa said...

NICE photos :P! This place was great and even though I was sick, I had a really great night! Those toilets were "da bomb" (placed especially for you LOL). And your pie looked so amazing. You were so happy after eating it!

K said...

@ FFichiban: yeah it was really fun poking the pastry!

@ Lisa: yep i really want to go eat that pie again! sososooo yummy

Daniela said...

why no commments about the balls?!! they were an integral part of the nite lol

K said...

@ Daniela: lol there were no pics of the balls thats why!!