Friday, August 7, 2009

Golden Stream Seafood Restaurant, Burwood


Whilst some of you might think 'meh' that's not that expensive, other foodbloggers have heaps of posts about hatted restaurants, degustation meals and what not - I am still a student so this summed up to a really hefty bill. I'm not quite sure whether it was worth it, considering I could have had a really degustation meal at a nice restaurant with the price I paid but it was way more casual and laid back here so I can't really complain.

Deep fried pigeon

You can't really go wrong with a deep fried pigeon at a chinese restaurant and these were just like any other deep fried pigeon I'd had - GREAT! Hot, crispy skin, soft, juicy flesh and because pigeons are pretty small, the breast was nice and moist too. You can just make out the pigeon bums near the parsley hehehe Anyone else hate the pigeon bums?

Oysters steamed with ginger and shallot

These were definitely the biggest oysters I've ever had. The shells were as big as my fist and they came out burried under a mound of ginger and shallots. Yum! These were cooked to perfection and I was sort of wishing we'd ordered more - we had two of these massive oysters each but I soooo wanted half a dozen to myself!

Yep, it was bigger than a tablespoon!

Lobster and vermicelli in clay pot

Last but not least - the star to the show - LOBSTER! The Lobster alone was 1.8kg, can you imagine how big the clay pot was? Well, according to my estimates, the circumference was atleast twice the size of my head. This would definitely be one massive feat if we finished all that! Did we?...


That was what we had to doggy bag. It made for a very extravagant leftovers-for-breakfast! It actually tasted better the next morning because those were the bits at the bottom of the pot - the bits that had all the lobster juices soaked into it!

The size was everything in this meal. I think that I was paying for the sheer size of everything and the type of ingredients rather than a demonstration of cooking skills. You could eat everything here at any Chinese Seafood Restaurant but what stood out was its size. If you don't mind poor service and dingy surroundings and like your seafood big then this is definitely for you. But if you're after a demonstration of skill and great execution, food that 'tells a story' - a fine dining experience that may or may not fill you up, you'd best look elsewhere. Would I come here again? Of course! - But only if I'm not shouting!

Golden Stream Seafood Restaurant
242 Burwood Rd
Burwood NSW 2134
Ph (02) 9745 5039


Simon Food Favourites said...

any meal which has cooked lobster or crab is expensive so your doing very well to pay for this meal as a student. well done! what were the prices of the oysters and lobster? would you recommend this place for live seafood? i'm a huge oyster fan but when they're too big i don't seem to enjoy them as much. BTW you spelt 'Burwoodd' incorrectly :-)

chocolatesuze said...

wow that is one giant pot of lobster! nice of you to shout everyone!

K said...

@ simon: ooo...i'm stretching my memory here but i think the oysters were around $4-$5 each and the lobster wa $65/half kg i think. I would recommend this place for seafood because the prices are reasonable when compared to some other chinese seafood restaurants but i can't say that it was fantastic. Thankd for picking up the typo =]

@ chocolatesuze: hehe i'm not shouting anyone for anytime soon now after that meal!

FFichiban said...

Oohh lobster ehhh must had cost a pretty penny hee hee and of course the quail and oysters :) Oh you dont eat the bums :P?

K said...

@FFichiban: hah no i don't! i'm assuming you do then? lol

leesa said...

you are the nicest daughter ever. seriously. i wish to have a daughter as great as you!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

You're very generous to shout everyone lobster! The only people I know that do that are my parents and uncle! What a nice friend you are :D

Nuts About said...

haha each to their own ! I wouldn't dare talk down someone who shouts food, heheee

do you have any idea how hungry I am atm T_T ahh haha
the thing i hatem ost about eating lobster though is having to crack the shell open ! so much effort for the food !! haha

K said...

@ leesa: hahha it would be horrible if i was your daughter! you'd make me eat chocolate when i'm sick! LOL =P

@ Lorraine: hah i'm not usually that nice! It's probably a one off for something this expensive!

@ eden: LOL midnight hungery pangs are terrible! but i agree with you it's way more comfy eating lobster/crabs in the comfort of your own home