Sunday, May 31, 2009

Breadtop, Burwood

YAY! A new breadtop has opened! One night my mum came home with a bag of breadtop stuff. There was a loaf of cheesy bread (it was unbelievably good!), a swiss roll, a slice of cheesecake and a tripe choc mousse.

Triple choc mousse

I'd had this one before and I didn't find it that great, it wasn't that great this time round either. The white choc on the top tasted funny and the whole thing was just too sweet for my liking. But it is nice to look at.


I'd completely forgotten how much I liked breadtop's cheesecakes!! I would always buy it when Breadtop first came around but I had somehow forgotten about it. Well I won't forget again. Breadtop's cheesecake isn't very strong but you can still definitely taste the cheese. It's also really light and fluffy, I think if I had a whole cheesecake in front of me I'd be able to finish the whole thing myself.

That was the first time I'd had the cheese bread loaf. I wasn't expecting much out of it, being a bread loaf and all so I didn't take a picture of it but it was SO GOOD. The loaf was soft and fluffy, and the whole loaf was smelling of cheese. The were bits of browned cheese on the top of the loaf but the inside was even better. There were CHEESE SWIRLS throughout the loaf and I ended up eating THE WHOLE LOAF OD BREAD myself. I just sat there ripping chucks of bread and eating eating eating then suddenly the whole loaf is gone!

I've yet to actually see the new breadtop for myself but I hear they did a 85c thing and they've got drinks and a dining area now. YAY for new breadtop!


justin said...

i have on average,
one bun from breadtop a day =D

K said...

hahaha i heard that maxim's (spell?) down the plaza end of burwood road has lost heaps of business after breadtop opened. now i know why =P