Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bagel House, Sydney

As some of you might know, Organic girl and I have this thing for bagels. Well more llike Organic girl had this thing and she passed that thing to me (I'd never had a bagel before meeting her!) You might also know that because of this thing we have for bagels, we've done some crazy stuff. Well it was around then that Lil Miss Luv2shop told us about the bagel house, and now - at long last - we can say we've been to the Bagel House. 

We were actually expecting a cafe but it turned out to be in the foodcourt but that's okay. There were heaps of choices, from plain to sweet to savoury, there were even mini bagels!
Mini Bagels

We all opted for the savoury bagelss as it was lunchtime and we were all hungry. 

Club Bagelwich $7.50 (chicken, bacon, swiss cheese, tomato, mayo, lettuce)

Classic Salmon Gourmet Bagel $8.50 (smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, red onion, lettuce)

Chicken and avocado gourmet bagel $8.50 (smoked chicken, avocado, mushroom, cheese)

I was sort of disappointed when I unwrapped my Chicken and avocado bagel, mines looked pathetic next to the other two. But I quickly forgot this as the warm, inviting smell of bagel & chicken wafted towards me, telling me to stop taking pics and hurry up and eat it!

The outside was nice and crispy, the inside nice and soft (these were definitely softer than the ones I made). Chicken and avocado were made to be together and I love mushroom and cheese as well! They toast your bagel right after you order it so the whole thing is nice and warm andvery fresh tasting. 

I'm definitely going there again. I think I might even get out of the house earlier one day and try a breakfast bagel before going to uni. 

Bagel House Sydney Central Plaza
Sydney Central Plaza food court
(beneath Myer, opposite McDonalds)
Pitt St Mall

for contact details, trading hours and other locations, please vist the Bagel House website!


Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Freshly toasted sandwiches are definitely nicer than cold ones in winter. I'm glad yours turned out good even though it looked wimpier than the others.

Lisa said...

i've only had a bagel once in my whole entire freaking life! that was in england so it was 9 years ago :'( i want a bagel too now. bagel bandwagon. LOL.

K said...

@ Arwen: yeah they were really nice toasted. I'm glad it tasted nice too hehehe it was a *gourmet bagel* after all

@ Lisa: hahaha don't worry next time I make bagels I'll give you one!

Betty said...

i love bagels too, especially when they're done right. however, i went to bagel house a couple months ago, and they didn't toast it for long enough, and it was half warm/half cold. and the bagel seemed stale :( but, i'm glad you had a better experience. maybe i'll give it another try!

Forager said...

The original Bagel House opened in Rozelle and is hugely popular on weekends. And - they cater too. Mini bagel selection for work breakfast meetings!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Bagel house seems to be enjoying a bit of a revival! I remember The Bagel house in Darlinghurst was where we'd sneak off to when we were skipping school. Good to know that they're still good

K said...

@ Betty: your bagel experience sounds very disappointing! But you should definitely give it a try, I'm craving bagels just thinking about it now!

@ Forager: yeah I saw that they cater! It sounds like a great idea! GO BAGEL CATERING!

@ Lorraine: I had no idea that they'd been around for a while! I thought they were only a new thing but meh~ they're good!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...
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