Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kiwi Pocky, Fake Buns and a Macaroon Pin Cushion

Cherry-chan went to Japan over the summer holidays and knowing me well, bought me a pack of kiwi pocky as souvenir =]

I didn't see that it said 4 packs and so I did a Homer Simpson "woohooo" when I opened it! Hehehehe the separate packaging allowed me to ration out the pocky over a few days! =]

After opening one of the individual packs I was immediately overwhemed by the sweet aroma of kiwi. I then quickly tried one, then another and it was when there were only three left that I remembered I was yet to take a picture of the actual pocky!

Actual pocky pic~

The pocky were mildly sweet and had a slight tang to it as kiwis do. You can't really see it from the picture but there were little black specks of kiwi seeds and which made it feel like you were actually eating a kiwi fruit. The only downside was that this pack of kiwi pocky had come from Japan, through to Hong Kong for a while and then journeyed to Sydney and has endured many weatherings LOL I received then on a hot day and the kiwi flavouring part had actually melted and a lot of the pocky were stuck together. But all in all I LOVED IT! THANKS CHERRY!

As mentioned before, I'd made a pretty ugly macaroon so I'm just using it as a pin cushion instead LOL I think I put too much stuffing into it and I could not get the middle part right! My macaroon looks like a pink burger stuffed with pink french fries =[ I'm sad to say this has put me off making another felt macaroon for now and my current felt project has been delayed due to my cheapness. I refuse to buy a gazillion pieces of different coloured felt nor am I willing to do the same for stranded cotton. The result? I am in desperate need of brown stranded cotton and have no idea when I will go an buy it!

Now to the fake bun.....

I got this fake bun as a souvenir from Hong Kong. Natsin gave me this, don't my friends know me well? LOL But yeah, the poor thing went through some very rough times after being given to me, it's been chucked around, squeezed used as a catch-and-throw ball....Yes, it went through some very rough times...By the time I got home from uni the poor thing had a little tear around its rear end but that's okay...everything is still cool =]

These things have somehow become really popular lately and now I've got one too! It's lyk, the latest craze maaaaan. LOL Oh, did I mention that they sort of tried to make it actually smell like a bun and it sort of does except that it's mixed with another more foul smell of artificial-ness. 


cyn said...

note: STRONG smell of artificial-ness!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee w000t I have a fake bun as well! They are sooooooo soft ^^! but yeh the smell is a bit erk when too close, it is ok from a little bit of distance haha, oh but mine has a face on it which makes it less like a real pan haha

Jamie said...

Kiwi pocky o_O

I felt like commenting because of all the facebook hype... but I don't have anything to say. *continues giving a weird look*

K said...

@ Cyn: LOL yeah, and it made your hands stinky!

@ FFichiban: hahaha yeaah i saw those with the face on it. They're so funny =]=]

@ Jamie: woohoo you commented LOL i like comments =] sad that you couldn't try the kiwi pocky =[

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

It's nice that the pocky taste tangy as well as sweet. The macaroon looks like a handy pin cushion. Good luck with your next one!

K said...

@ Arwen: hehe thanks, unfortunately there's been a little accident at my place, instant noodles were spilt and my latest project which I hoped to finish today is now in the bin! =[ =[

Amy said...

Wow I've never seen kiwi pocky over here, they look awesome. I'll keep my eye out!

annnie said...

AHAHHAHAHAH the fake bun reminds me of jess giving anita one and she was so happy and then she took a bite and found it was fake! then went full aggressive and kept hitting jess with it IT WAS SOO FUNNY SOOO FUNNY! in my memories forever hahaa