Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kingsley Steakhouse, Sydney

Kingsley Steakhouse
at three locations, for more info click here (edit: there's only one "Kingsley" left, the other two have been renamed to "Steersons")

I was thinking of what I shouldd post up next when I stumbled across the pics from Kingsley. I went there when the "We Love sydney" promotion was still on so how could anyone resist eating two for the price of one steak?

We'd booked a table thinking that it would be very crowded (TWO FOR ONE STEAK MAN!) but it turned out that we needn't bother. There was not a single table occupied when we arrived and it remained quiet throught our dinner (we went around 6ish). We were served by someone wearing the kitchen uniform whilst the waiterstaff stood idly and talked??? But he knew what he was doing so everything was cool. 

The fresh and yummy bread came out first along with the steak condiments. The bread was warm and soft and the herb butter was also pretty good. 

Wagyu steak w/ chips

I can't remember the exact names of the steaks and their website doesn't really help =[ This was the better of the steaks. The marbling was pretty good which made sure the steak remained soft, tender and chewable =] The sauce it came with was some sort of red wine sauce and it went really with the steak and I lilked it dipping the chips in it too! LOL

I have completely forgotten what this was...probably an eye fillet or something by the looks of it. This was actually my steak and I found it a bit tough and approaching well done rather than medium... The baked potato was good but how could you go wrong with baked potato? 

Anyway the highlight of the meal was definitely the bread and it was still a pretty good meal considering it was two for the price of one =] I have had better and more affordable steak before but I suppose this was still okay, if not outstanding.


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

*sigh* I miss the We Love Sydney card. Unfortunately I ran out of time to go here but I would've loved to. I adore Wagyu and it looks a bit glazed from the picture?

Anonymous said...

I concur, 2 for 1 steak tastes so much better haha. OOh I thought that only one Kingsley is left? Cos the others turned into Steersons?

But anyway that wagyu does look fatty and tasty glistening in the photo there haha mmmmm

K said...

@ Lorraine: yeah the We Love Sydney card was the best thing that happened! LOL and the wagyu wasn't glazed, it's just probably my crap photography!

@ FFichiban: Yeah, you're right. They've changed then into Steersons! Yes fatty, tasty wagyu *drools like homer simpson*

>=D said...

that looks like heaven on plate!!
Since u blogged about this senpai, i'm gonna try it out >=D

K said...

@ >=D: hahaha it feels cool yet old having someone call me senpai =P cya around uni "little" *cough cough* kouhai~