Monday, March 9, 2009

George's Cafe, Burwood

George's Cafe
122 Burwood Rd
Burwood NSW 2134

WOOHOOOO! PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOR ANOTHER K.G POST! YAY! LOL Yeah, it's been a very long while since K & G have seen each other and even longer since we've dined together! Well we didn't really meet under the greatest circumstances that day, both of us weren't that happy and that was reflected in our food...

We randomly rocked up to George's Cafe and the first thing I (Kiwi) noticed was that they've gone through a massive refurbishment and the place is looking very modern. The seating arragements were pretty good, car seats all round =] But back to the food...

We ordered an apple strudel to share but it wasn't that great. I think I'm too used to the yummy gelato in Melbourne and I just can't take yucky icecream now. Just one scoop and you could taste a massive difference, it was definitely a supermarket icecream (possibly no frills?!?! I dunno LOL) The apple strudel wasn't that great either. I kept thinking back to the excellent apple strudel I'd tasted at Lowenbrau (I havn't posted about that yet...) and this was just a complete let down. 
apple strudel w/ icecream 

ice choc & vanilla milkshake

LOL they weren't that great either.... I'd rather not go into it...

LOL trying our hand food art?!?

Maybe we should try the mains next time? Someone had ordered something that was smelly awfully good....We were almost tempted into ordering something except it was close to dinner time and we were to have dinner with our famillies. 

Sigh* Why aren't there cafes in Sydney that are as affordable and nice as Melbourne!??! WHY!!!! LOL K has another crappy Syd cafe experience coming up veeeery soon!! 


Howard said...

The desserts are really bad here, I remember having the cheesecake and it was shocking. Also, don't get the milkshakes lol , they use powder only.

If your in Burwood again, try out Cafe Bello outside Westfields instead. It's a bit more expensive I think, but the food is alot better atleast.

FFichiban said...

Oh booo :( at least you guys made some cute art for it hee hee

I really msut go visit this Melbourne you keep speaking of hmmmm *rubs chin*

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Is this the place with the soccer paraphernalia? It sounds disappointing. Bello and Gasparo are both ok in Burwood. Bello is probably the better of the two.

K said...

@ Howard: I'm both glad and sad that other people agree that this place was bad! LOL

@ FFichiban: yes, Melbourne has sooo much yummy food! You can get some really decent food without paying a fortune

@ Arwen: I'm not sure that I noticed any soccer gear there...But yeah, I agree Cafe Bello was waaay better but don't think it's really worth what they're charging us.

Lisa said...

Wow, I'm really surprised because if you base everything by appearances, things actually look pretty good! Just shows you that you can't judge everything based on its appearance... sigh... I hate it when I eat a bad meal- we can only have 3 meals a day, and it makes me angry to think that I've wasted one on something mediocre :(

Lisa said...

ps I refrained from saying either "YUM" or "YUCK" on that other comment ;)

K said...

@ Lisa: yeah one bad meal can ruin a perfect day and one great meal can save a crap day!

P.S. Great effort with the yuuuuuum or yuuuuuuuck thing! LOL But I bet you can't refrain forever =P