Sunday, December 14, 2008

HK - Mos Burger

Today I went out with ding, to shopping.. went to MK and TST... after shopping at MK Langham Place we got hungry, and wanted to try the Mos Burgers in hk so we went...

the person on the table next to me looked at me weirdly when I was taking a photo of the front of the shop, so this is a pretty bad shot cos I just took it really fast ahhahaa

the menu =D .. this can be found on the web site too =)

'hk originals' LOL! cool.... but I think they have one in like japan and taiwan? =D they should open one in sydney HAHAHHA =D

ding ordered a Sakusaku chicken burger, she said it was nice, we ordered it with the set, which came with a drink and hokkaido croquette..

I ordered Hoki fish burger ^^ it was really yum, the fish is soft and loose with a layer of Tartar sauce ~~ <3333 and then I ate abit of the croquette... it was only average.. the set menu also came with drinks and I had hot lemon tea, ding had soup.. the lemon tea tasted really weird... and ding said the soup was almost tasteless... so overall... other than burgers, the food is really only average .. or not that nice.. but I like the burgers AHAHA next time I should just buy the burgers without a set menu.. ^^

this is the hokkaido croquette.. that both of us only took a few bites of...

I was really really full after the burger I didn't want to eat anything else =O ahaha even though I walked pass many nice small eats on the streets and they smelt so nice, I was too full to try them ehehhee then after eating I went for more shopping!! YAY SHOPPING IS SO FUN! =D

I'll definitely be back to try the other burgers... maybe should try a chicken one next time... or try the 'mos burger'? hahaha

but not anytime soon because my throat is infected T_T I don't dare to eat much now before I lose my voice, it started to change =.='' I bought congee to eat .. sigh* banning myself from any sort of junk or unhealthy food that will worsen my throat. ><

first week of my holiday in HK and sick already T.T" ... I'm going to sleep now, it's like 2:30AM in hk hahaha~

p.s. haha looking at the mos burger reminded me of bagels that I was supposed to try at mq this year... LOL! I should really go eat it next year.. ahhahahh!!


Anonymous said...

Oh nooess get bettteerr!! I want to read about more places hee hee and I really really want to go Japan noowww XD

Try the rice burgers at Mos next time cos that is their speciality :)

Anonymous said...

@FFichiban - ahh okayy` I shall try, after I get better, I really want to go japan too~~~~

billy@ATFT said...

isnt Mos burger good!! I love MOS, the burger comes out just looks like the one in the menu.