Thursday, December 11, 2008

HK - Guilinggao

Today I was bored at home so then went down to buy food.. and bought 'gui ling gao'..

I'm not going to bother explaining what it is so here's the definition I found online.. haha

Guīlínggāo is a Chinese medicine that is made with the powdered shell from the critically endangered three-lined box turtle (金錢龜) and China roots (土伏苓; Smilax glabra). It is also eaten as a dessert, made in the form of a jelly.

LOL it was rather big.. so I ate half and put it back in the fridge ^^
not too many people will like eating this, and maybe after knowing the fact that this includes turtle shell powders, even more reluctant to try hahaha but apparently the ones you buy in supermarkets and groceries doesn't have turtle shells, LOL! I bought this at herbal tea shop =.=''

my sis tried abit and gave this really 'omg its so bitter' expression even though I gave her alot of syrup already.. haha

I remember near the end of yr12, me, K and C attempted to make our own gui ling gao and failed =.='' those instant packet ones... LOL! anyway yea... HAHAHA it was so hard to make T.T I remember making a mess and some of them turned out.. er... pretty ugly.. ahahaha fun experience though.. LOL!

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K said...

gwai ling go!! and yes hahahaha i remember trying to make our own too! it's so funny thinking back on it LOL awww man i wanna eat the real gwai ling go too!