Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shu Shin Bou, Sydney (AGAIN)

Weeeeee this is the second post by K.G. Like FINALLY there's a joint update! LOL Not that G is doing much.. *hint*hint* GO EAT SOME FOOD G! So I (K) go to the city and buy this boz of goodies, take it back to stratty and not long after I get home G starts banging widly on my door, demanding to be let in LOL

We open the box and immediately the nice scent of sugary goodness wafts into the air. 

Chocolate and green tea mochi truffles 

Chestnut daifuku

Black Sesame daifuku

SAdly due to the fact that G got here so fast, there was no time to refridgerate these and they were in a very dismal state after cutting them open. They didnt taste as good with the mousse being room temperature either. But the chestnut daifuku was still a winner for me although G didn't seem to be very fond of the mousse, leaving a big chunk untouched. 

I have to say I loooooove truffles! The mochi truffles were a good idea and they tasted quite nice after I'd placed then in the fridge for a while...I like the chocolate one better. The green tea mochi on the outside of the green tea mochi truffle tasted like those cheap imitation mochis you can get but I suppose some people would still like it. The inside of truffle-y goodness was very very very yummy except I think I would prefer it without the layer of mochi on the outside. The two textures were a bit odd going together. Despite all this rubbish I spout, I think I've been converted to Shu Shin Bou. Goodbye all the other junk I eat and HELLOOOOO SHU SHIN BOU!


Anonymous said...

I went again yesterday and bought box of 6 mochi and all diff flav...LOL.. XD those yogurt and original and greentea ones.. kakakkaka.. but i didnt take any pics of them =='' and not the dorayaki either.. =0='' and I finished it today LOL! but they were okay =D I like the mochi more than the daifuku.. =D daifuku too big ><"

Anonymous said...

i recently took a walk past here, and was awed by the prettiness of them! I'll have to find time to go try some, they rival macarons on the prettiness scale...