Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lowenbrau Keller, The Rocks

Lowerbrau Keller
Cnr Argyle and Playfair St
The Rocks

Lisa from Jesus Drinks Soy and K from TWO-KG (me?!?! LOL) have been dying to try this pork knuckle after seeing it on ChocolateSuze's blog. We finally got the chance to do so yesterday and it didn't fail to disappoint. True that the pork knuckle didn't look as big as it did in chocolatesuze's pics but we wer still happy with what we got. The crackle was a bit hard for me, being used to the crunch yet bitable crackle on chinese roast porks and a tad too salty. But the inside was soooo good! Nice and tender with plenty to go around. The mash was also excellent, you could really taste all the creamy. buttery fatty goodness they'd put into it.

We really wanted more of the mash after sharing this massive thing but due to some form of miscommunication/bad service!??! We didn't end up getting any but by that stage we'd started feeling full. The service was really bad! When we went to pay the bill they just asked us what we had and charged us for whatever we said we had. But of course being truthful little kiddies we told them the truth! =P

Schweinshaxn- Oven Roasted Pork Knuckle with Sauerkraut and Mashed Potato


Leesa said...

HAHAHA thanks for putting my link up! WOOT! :) Good publicity hehehe.
But yeah I really want to go back. omg. I crave the mash sooooooooooooOOOooooo badly right now :'(
lol guess what i'm listening to atm? that TANK song. whatever one it was you sang at k :) heheh.

K said...

yeah omg the mash was soooo good! i wanna go back there again too!!!