Saturday, November 15, 2008

Guylian Belgian Cafe, The Rocks

On our way to pork knuckle heaven we stumbled upon the Guylian cafe at The Rocks!! I just haaad to go back afterwards and buy some chocolate seeing as I didn't end up buying any last time LOL The staff there were really nice and helpful and very patient even though I was so indecisive! 

8pc of choc costing $14.xx including sea shells, hazelnut pralines, truffles and somethingelse 

Guylian chocolates are $14.00/100g 

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Leesa said...

Hahaha the guy was so nice hey?! No way you didn't take long at all- I would've taken WAYYYYY LONGER! mmmmmmm yummmm. Can't believe we even considered getting Clement Guylian chocolate. PFFFT!