Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mizuya, George St


As I've promised K, I would make a post on my birthday dinner. To be honest, I have a very vague memory of what the dinner was like.. but I will try my best.

This dinner was for my birthday celebration, decided to try Mizuya out on George St because it was new, (or at least we haven't been to?). and interestingly, it was a failed attempt at trying to imitate Wagaya. the touch screen layout was exactly the same, (in a different colour), the seating arrangement were similar (but VERY squashy compared to the amount of space you get in a wagaya seat) LOL! and the food rather slow. Not a place I'd return to for another dinner. (aww sorry if it sounds really bad>< AHHAHA)

Anyways, to the food:

started off with a salad, smoked salmon I think it was? (looks like it.. XD) other than there not being enough dressing I guess it was okay. (but dressing is like the most important thing in a salad!!)

they had really pretty looking drinks. LOL yes, we ordered them because it 'looked' good, but tasted terrible, it had star signs drinks instead of monthly drinks compared to wagaya =O this was the capricorn drink, considering it was kiwi, I didn't think it'd taste too bad but after one sip, I didn't touch the cup for the rest of the night =) I should ask L how this tasted, because I seriously don't remember.

the other one was strawberry.. which was better. (a much safer choice too compared to kiwi! LOL)

and then we ordered grilled scallops, with cheese.. , it was very oily..

and then we went off to order something more safe, SUSHI! I mean, sushi can't really taste bad unless the sashimi is not fresh or the rice is from overnight or something!? HAHAH

and fried rice, which tasted very, CHINESE. ==" knowing that it is a japanese restaurant.

and I have no memory of what this is. some potato thing I assume.. some help K??? LOL! if you remember please add to this (I'm so sorry I'm such a terrible blogger)

after eating all those not so lovely food we decided to head off to seek for better food =) (unfortunately we didn't manage to eat another dinner. but we did buy some desserts?)

FROZEN FRUZ from World Square. =) as you can see K is already in the background having her spoon in her mouth. ready to eat =] tastes pretty nice and fruity. (I don't remember the flav anymore)

mission accomplished! 4 weeks delayed post. This dinner was on the 16th JAN 2010 =) hahahaha thankyou all for reading. (it's very rare for G to make a post!!! =D)


SoRMuiJAi said...

oooooo you didn't try the Mizuya green tea soft serve cones!! You should pop by just for it. 50c before 6pm!! Check out the awesome cone!

Anonymous said...

I think you mean 'Yogen Früz'. =)

Anonymous said...

YESSS I mean that, I saw it today and realised.. I couldn't rememebr what it was at all.. I saw 'en' and assumed it was like frozen AHHAHAHHA =) THANKSS

Anonymous said...

Happy very very very belated bday :P and happy CNY/vday!

オテモヤン said...
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Anonymous said...
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