Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Corn Exchange, Four Points by Sheraton

Okay, so this was from Christmas, and yes we are in February...let's just pretend it's still Christmas LOL

So for Christmas we went to The Corn Exchange for some buffet lovin' and we had it for two for the price of one with the viva Sydney deal.

We ate seafood a plenty...

and made our own seafood salad too LOL!

had a bit of the hot food...

(sorry this looks unappetising.. it's got a bit of everything there, veggies, steamed fish, cous cous, etc etc...)

then finished off with a gazillion desserts, both festive and non!

The Corn Exchange
Four Points by Sheraton
161 Sussex St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9290 4000


Simon Food Favourites said...

looks like a nice selection. i always go for a plate of oysters first. and then possibly another plate of oysters. then the prawns and then any other seafood :-)

dani said...


thanks for putting this up for me to see kiwi :) im def going with dad for his bday heheh

YaYa said...

OMG, is that a WHOLE lobster tail there?

Leesa said...

wow, that is a LOT of seafood! you definitely celebrated christmas in style! i can't even remember what i had for christmas. it wasn't as memorable as this that's for sure!

K said...

@ Simon: LOL! great strategy ahaha

@ dani: i <3 profiteroles too =]

@ YaYa: sorry to disappoint! that was a balmain bug out of it's shell! LOL

@ Leesa: hahaha i still remember our failed christmas plans!