Saturday, December 12, 2009


lookie at what i got at work!! (above) one of the doctors actually baked us all a plate of Christmas goodies =] =] it was soooo good too! Especially the one in the cupcake patty (not sure what it was) but i couldn't get enough of it! The Christmas pudding thingy was soo cute and it looks so easy to make! i might give it a go myself hehehee

and raffaellos! ahahha someone gave my mum this and now it's mine! WOOT! i didn't want to cut the ribbon tho! amazingly i refrained from opening this for ONE WHOLE DAY! i got it yesterday but i ended up cutting the ribbon today ='( if only i could put the ribbon back together again, that would be awesome!

anyway i'm expecting heaps more Christmas treats and I hope you guys get heaps of treats too!


leesa said...

was it the female doctor?
love the new layout!

chocolatesuze said...

mmm i love raffaellos!

K said...

@ leesa: yep yep =]

@ chocolatesuze: me too! i ate them all in two days hehe