Thursday, November 13, 2008

Passion Flower Cafe, Capitol Square

Passion Flower Cafe
Shop G12, Capitol Square
730-742 George St
Sydney NSW 2000

It's been aaaages since I've had passionflower....I remember vaguely a time where I said I'd give up on icecream but that's now too long ago for me to remember whether that commitment is real or fake. It's around 12pm...just the right time for a suggary lunch of ICECREAM! 

Apple crepes w/ vanilla icecream


Iced green tea

C goes for the apple crepe. The vanilla icecream is of a good quality, not like the cheap cheap supermarket ones hehehe. I get the playmate, its got lychee and rosepetal icecream with lychee and coconut jellies w/ strawberry sauce. The tastes are very pleasant and somehow I associate it will all things girly..!?!? N isn't hungry and just can't help but roll her eyes at our piggish-ness of having icecream for lunch LOL She goes for the green tea which I sorta spill all over the table when I attempt to poke the whipped cream == tsktsktsk!! I tried a bit of that but couldn't taste anything coz my mouth was still full of the wonderful suggary-ness of my icecream.

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